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TR132 Improving market access for Vanuatu sandalwood

12 May 2017

Sandalwood is an important crop for Vanuatu given its high value and alignment to existing lifestyles. It is only one of few crops that generates income in the remotest areas of Vanuatu and supports livelihoods for these communities. This report aims to provide specific guidance to PHAMA, the Va...

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A comparative study of local and overseas fermentation methods using Trinitario cocoa variety in Samoa

23 Mar 2017

Improving fermentation practices can improve the quality of Samoan cocoa beans for export. This report presents results of a comparative study between local and overseas (Vietnam) methods of cocoa bean fermentation, conducted by the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS), using Trinitar...

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New access for Taro to Australia – Samoa visit (September 2015)

22 Mar 2017

Samoa is currently unable to export fresh taro to Australia due to the presence of Taro Leaf Blight (TLB). This report presents the recommendations of two New Zealand plant pathologists who visited Samoa to investigate the occurrence of TLB. They collected 54 pure cultures of the TLB pathogen Phy...

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