Webinar: Rural women – seeds of growth and change in the Pacific

The impact Pacific rural women have is significant, both on and off the farm. But the role of women in agriculture continues to be understated. Women in particular face limited access to productive resources such as extension services, agricultural information and agricultural supplies. They also play key roles in farming families as caregivers for children and the elderly which are not often recognised and valued.

These typical gendered roles impact women’s ability to pursue income-generating activities or be fully economically productive. More needs to be done so that women across agricultural value chains are economically empowered and have equal access to the right resources. 

About the theme:
a) recognises how Pacific women contribute to the social, economic and political aspects of rural development;
b) highlights the challenges rural women face in a changing world;
c) explores ways to acknowledge, support and strengthen women’s pivotal role in rural agricultural production.

International Day of Rural Women is on October 15. This day is dedicated to the millions of women living in remote, rural places and celebrates the achievements and contributions of these women towards rural development and agriculture. PHAMA Plus, in collaboration with its partners, organised a webinar – “Rural women: seeds of growth and change in the Pacific” to highlight the essential role that rural women and girls play in the food systems of the Pacific. The webinar features a panel of speakers representing both private, public and development sectors around the Pacific.

Watch webinar recording below:



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