PHAMA Plus pounds the way for kava farmers in Samoa

09 Apr 2024

‘Ava (kava in Samoan) farmers on the big island of Savaii in Samoa, will soon enjoy the benefits of being able to supply higher quality, processed ‘ava to their customers in domestic and export mar...Read More

WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINES: Samantha defies the odds

28 Mar 2024

Samantha Maeke has defied the odds — and societal expectations in her native Solomon Islands — to end up where she is today. She plays a prominent role in the country’s agribusiness sector as the ...Read More

National Ginger Workshop To Pave The Way Forward

21 Mar 2024

Over the years, Fiji’s ginger industry has provided employment, sustained our farmers’ socio-economic livelihood, contributed significantly to our export earnings, and has been the main source of i...Read More

Taking PNG specialty coffee to the world

04 Mar 2024

Every drink of coffee enjoyed today carries stories untold. Stories of hardship, risk and sacrifice that wouldn’t normally be found on product packaging. Stories that help us better appreciate the ...Read More

MAF partners with PHAMA Plus to address taro shortage in Samoa

14 Feb 2024

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) has signed a new partnership with the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Plus (PHAMA Plus) Program to address the reduc...Read More

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