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Coffee Commodity Market Update – August 3, 2021

16 Aug 2021

Coffee prices worldwide are experiencing significant volatility driven by unfavorable growing conditions in Brazil. This briefing is provided for CIC and other PNG coffee stakeholders to provide information on the international market situation and implications for PNG coffee exports. Management ...

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Impact Assessment: Support for Cocoa Sectors in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

21 Oct 2020

Cocoa is an important source of income for farming families across Melanesia, supporting the livelihoods of 8,500 households in Vanuatu and 24,0001 households in Solomon Islands. Melanesia has a reputation for low quality cocoa due to smoke taint and small bean size. It is also a very small prod...

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Social and Economic Impact of Fall Army Worm (FAW) in the Pacific Island Countries

20 Oct 2020

Fall Army Worm (FAW) (Spodoptera frugiperda) has been a pest of crops in Central and South America for centuries where it mainly affects maize. Beginning in 2016, FAW spread rapidly and has now been reported almost everywhere in the tropical latitudes. In late 2019 FAW was detected in the Torres ...

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Fact Sheets

Commercial Kava Imports into Australia (as at 30 June, 2022)

12 Jul 2022

Kava makes a significant contribution to rural livelihoods in a number of Pacific Island producing countries. It is an important cash crop and a significant source of income and employment for rural households and those involved in its harvesting, processing and sale. It has important cultural an...

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PHAMA Plus in Vanuatu

28 Oct 2021

PHAMA Plus has been working in Vanuatu since 2011 to improve market access for the country’s key export industries such as kava and cocoa, and to promote industry coordination through the establishment of industry working groups or IWGs. The Program is supporting farming households in Vanuatu thr...

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PHAMA Plus in Samoa

28 Oct 2021

PHAMA Plus has been working in Samoa since 2011 to strengthen the capacity of the public and private sectors to meet export market requirements. Examples of achievements in Samoa are helping to rebuild its taro exports after recovering from taro leaf blight (TLB) which decimated production and ex...

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