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Coconut Sector Review

23 Sep 2019

The coconut sector is very important to economies and livelihoods of people in the Pacific. It encompasses a wide range of uses, products and markets. Copra and crude coconut oil are the main commodities produced by Pacific coconut industries. This review assesses the potential for PHAMA Plus...

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TR134 Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Report

30 Nov 2018

The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), Oryctes rhinoceros, is the most serious insect pest of coconuts wherever it occurs. Symptoms of CRB attack were first reported in Solomon Islands in Honiara in January 2015. The PHAMA Program contracted a Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Management Coordinator to wor...

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North America and European Market Access for Pacific Cocoa

22 Sep 2018

This report analyses potential markets for Solomon Islands and Vanuatu cocoa in Northern America, continental Europe and the United Kingdom. The cocoa market is split between a bulk market and a boutique market and the Pacific cocoa industry cannot rely on the boutique market to fuel growth, but ...

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Fact Sheets

Papua New Guinea

31 May 2017

PHAMA’s strategy in Papua New Guinea is to focus on improving market access for key existing export industries coffee, cocoa, coconut, spices, fisheries, forestry, fresh produce and handicrafts. PHAMA also works to promote value-adding opportunities relating to the industries and strives to creat...

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28 Jun 2016

The Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program (PHAMA) is an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-funded initiative established in 2011. PHAMA is designed to provide practical and targeted assistance to help Pacific island countries manage regulatory aspects...

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Solomon Islands IWG

30 May 2016

PHAMA’s objective is to promote sustainable economic growth through new or improved market access for primary products. A key component of this is improving public-private partnerships in the export sector. PHAMA’s strategy in the Solomon Islands (SI) is to focus on improving market access in fo...

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