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Assessment of Potential Ginger Export Issues to Australia

11 Jun 2011

Historically, Fiji exported significant volumes of fresh mature ginger to North America and New Zealand. These markets were subsequently lost to Asian ginger suppliers. The focus of ginger exports has since shifted towards immature and processed ginger. The Japanese market has potential, however,...

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Export Issues for Fiji Taro to Australia and New Zealand

28 May 2011

There has been considerable focus in recent years on the taro export supply chain in Fiji, and the Pacific as a whole, with the objective of improving and expanding export opportunities. There are still, however, significant impediments that are yet to be overcome before this objective can be ach...

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Export Issues for Samoan Taro to Australia and New Zealand

26 May 2011

Samoa has made significant and commendable achievements in re-establishing the security of their domestic taro industry following its devastation by Taro leaf blight in 1993. Domestic production is now at the point where export markets could be pursued in an attempt to regain a considerable share...

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