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Fiji Sea Urchins Report

15 Feb 2018

Sea urchins are highly valued for their gonads and are a potential fisheries commodity for the export market. Recent studies across 6 traditional fishing grounds in Viti Levu, Fiji have shown that the sale of sea urchins are a major source of income for a significant number of surveyed households...

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On-farm trials for proven cocoa fermentation and drying method

01 Feb 2018

Cocoa is a priority crop in Samoa. Although markets have reopened for the export of this commodity, supply is a major constraint. PHAMA stepped in to assist, with particular focus on the supply side of the value chain. The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa had earlier conducted a PHAMA-f...

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Infrastructure requirements for horticultural exports from Tonga

31 Jan 2018

Tonga has long-standing trade linkages with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, North America and other Pacific Island Countries for exports of fruits, vegetables and root crops. The country has very good agricultural production capacity and its good soils and favourable climatic conditions ar...

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Fact Sheets


09 Mar 2016

While niche opportunities for exporting fresh agricultural produce exist in Samoa, PHAMA is increasingly supporting local partners to improve their capacity to enhance the value of Samoan produce and improve food safety. Download factsheet to read more about PHAMA's work in Samoa

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09 Mar 2016

PHAMA’s strategy in Fiji is to support government and industry to utilise export opportunities for fresh agricultural products, identify and develop new export opportunities for fresh and processed products, and strengthen contingency planning and surveillance for pests and diseases of plants and...

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