PNG Women in Coffee Association (WICA) Strategic Plan

11 Jun 2021

he PNG Women in Coffee Association via its strategic plan advocates a path towards sustainable, marketled production and differentiation. The role of women is gaining space and visibility as more women coffee farmers, businesswomen and women-owned agribusinesses are determined to contribute to a vibrant and inclusive national coffee industry


Papua New Guinea Coffee Sample Guide

17 Mar 2021

Coffee buyers evaluate the quality and consistency of coffee by tasting (“cupping”) production lots, and by measuring certain physical characteristics like defect count and moisture. Samples are drawn many times throughout the life of a lot from production through roasting for many reasons: diagnostic, marketing, contract validation, and to assess quality change as coffee ages....Read More


Special Edition of the Pacific Export Context Analysis (PECA) – November 2020

07 Dec 2020

PHAMA Plus has prepared a revised, special edition of the Pacific Export Context Analysis (PECA) report, to reflect the major disruptions being experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PECA is prepared annually to provide a strategic summary of country progress, on-going constraints and opportunities for export market opportunities, particularly in relation to the horticulture, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism sectors. The first version of the PECA was prepared in 2019 and the second in June 2020. The October 2020 special edition incorporates new information on the impact of the pandemic in the Pacific countries, and proposes responses aligned with DFAT’s ‘Partnerships for Recovery’ strategy and the PHAMA Plus end of project outcomes. The revised PECA notes that the direct human health impact of the pandemic in the Pacific has been amongst the lowest in the world, with a case rate of only 57 per million, compared to over 1,000 in Australia and around 5,000 globally. Only Fiji, PNG and Solomon Islands have reported cases, with some 94% of these being in PNG. This has been achieved through timely and robust response measures, including border closures; internal movement restrictions; cessation or restriction of aircraft and ship movements; and lockdowns and closures; some of which have subsequently been eased.


Samoa Noni (nonu) Market Study

03 Aug 2020

Noni is an important agricultural export from Samoa, providing income for more than 17,000 smallholder semi-subsistence farming households and contributing more than SAT$10m annually to the country’s economy. This study was commissioned to better understand the global market for production and consumption of noni and noni-based products. The resulting report is intended to provide useful information for Samoa’s noni industry (represented by IWG-Nonu) to increase competitiveness and recommend opportunities that add new value to noni and improve the welfare of Samoa’s noni industry, particularly smallholder farming families, including women and people with disabilities.


PNG contains spread of African Swine Fever (ASF)

31 Jul 2020

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has implemented a rapid response effort to the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the provinces of Southern Highlands, Enga and Hela, which has significantly raised awareness of the disease and helped limit the spread beyond these declared provinces.


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