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African Swine Fever – Briefing Note Nov. 2019

20 Nov 2019

An estimated 200 million pigs have been killed globally to date as a result of the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak. With close to 100% mortality rates, the outbreak is now causing serious economic losses. To learn more about this severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs, click th...

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Review of existing access for horticultural products, seafood and sawn timber to Australia and New Zealand

29 Oct 2019

Australia and New Zealand are considered the Pacific’s largest export markets for fresh and processed horticultural products. While many commodities from Pacific Island countries have market access protocols in place, they have not been used frequently and the level of compliance and awareness su...

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Pacific Export Context Analysis

24 Oct 2019

The Pacific Export Context Analysis has been prepared by the PHAMA Plus Program to provide a strategic summary of country progress, ongoing constraints and opportunities in export, particularly in relation to the horticulture, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism sectors. The analysis inc...

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