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Australia’s Commercial Kava Pilot: An Assessment of Systemic Change in the Pacific Kava Industry

28 Sep 2023

In December 2021 the Australian Government launched Phase 2 of its Pilot program permitting the commercial importation of kava (the Pilot). The Pilot aimed to assess the risks associated with kava importation and determine whether the resumption of kava imports was viable. The purpose of this st...

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Root Crops Market Study

01 Dec 2021

This study has been completed with support from Pacific Trade and Invest (PTI) and provides an up-to-date review on export market opportunities for tropical root crops.  It pulls-together key findings of earlier studies, pays specific attention to the GEDSI dimension and presents comprehensive an...

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Market Evaluation of the Taro High Pressure Washer and Hot Water Treatment System

04 Oct 2021

Taro corms are exported to New Zealand, and are a popular product with the Pacific consumer sector. Taro exports are a significant portion of Samoa’s export revenue, accounting for 14% of all exports, and being the largest horticultural export. However, taro are a challenging product from a biose...

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