Bee Health Survey and Export Feasibility

Freedom from certain pests and diseases that affect bees is critical for continued access for honey and other products to export markets such as New Zealand and Australia. This report presents the findings from a 2014 survey of Samoa’s bee health status, covering a third of the country’s 300 hives. Importantly, European foulbrood disease and the associated bacterium were absent. American foulbrood disease was discovered, and, while its presence does not affect trade to NZ or Australia, it has the potential to damage local hives. The report makes recommendations on steps to maintain good bee health including continued use of import controls and building local disease inspection capacity. The study also found that Samoa does not produce enough honey for export, and that the proposed export of live honey bees to North America is not considered viable.

Key Words: Apiculture, bee health, bee disease, bee survey, European foulbrood disease, American foulbrood disease, feral bees, live bee export, honey, propolis, Import Health Standard, competent authority, Saleimoa Apiaries

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