Development of Workplan for Horticulture Industry Working Group

Most horticultural produce in the SI is used for subsistence or sold at local markets. There is potential to expand the sector for export provided constraints can be overcome including variable quality and inconsistent production, and limited storage/transport infrastructure. Building on previous work (SOLS 19, SOLS 13) and consultations/workshops with current and future members of the Horticulture Industry Working Group (IWG) and other government and donor stakeholders, this report presents a draft 2015-2017 work-plan for the IWG covering export development opportunities and capacity building needs.  Through the consultations, IWG indicated they would like continued support from PHAMA, particularly in secretariat and technical support, and assisting Biosecurity SI to progress the bilateral agreement with PNG on horticultural and agricultural exports. 

Key words: horticulture, chilli, IWG workplan, Participatory Guarantee Scheme, kava, ngali nuts, betel nut, pawpaw, bananas, pineapple, chilli, coffee, tamanu oil, artefacts, sago, cane baskets, taro, cassava, coconut, watermelon, cardamom, vanilla, sweet potato, slippery cabbage, peanuts, breadfruit, tulip fruits, cut nut, honey.

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