Feasibility Study of Dimethoate Dip Treatment to Facilitate the Export of Fruit Fly Host Commodities to Fiji

The purpose of this report is to outline the feasibility of developing a sustainable fruit fly risk mitigation
pathway for fruit fly host commodities using dimethoate dipping, for Tonga into Fiji.

The report is structured into:
 Recommendations for the Tongan Market Access Working Group (TMAWG)
 An overview of the use of dimethoate as a biosecurity treatment in the region
 Discussion on the fruit flies in Tonga that are likely to be of quarantine concern
 Follow-up desk, lab and field based activities.

Initial discussions on the feasibility of access for fruit fly host commodities and the dimethoate dip
treatment were held with Biosecurity Authority Fiji in Suva during May 2011. Consultations were held
with commercial and government representatives in Tonga from 28 April to 2 May 2011.
Based on discussions with Biosecurity Authority Fiji, Tonga would be required to submit a market
access request for tomatoes and a pest risk analysis would be required. Fruit flies are expected to be
the key biosecurity issue but other conditions may need to be met.

Key words: fruit fly, fruit fly host, tomatoes, dimethoate, post harvest treatment

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