Fiji Dalo Quality Manual

Dalo or taro (Colocasia esculenta) is an important staple food for Fijians and most Pacific Islanders. It plays an important role in the agriculture sector’s contribution to Fiji’s economy as the largest agriculture export commodity after sugar. The Fiji Dalo Quality Manual provides a one stop shop of technical information for farmers. It highlights best practices of growing the finest product with quality that is maintained along the value chain, for both domestic and export markets. The manual will allow Ministry of Agriculture stakeholders to better equip themselves with information and advice needed to advance in the dalo industry at domestic, regional and international levels. It provide guidelines and opportunities that elevates our reputation as quality dalo producers and suppliers. The manual clearly suggests that nothing can be achieved in isolation. It will take concerted effort and teamwork by all stakeholders to ensure its successful implementation.

Download Fiji Dalo Quality Manual

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