Framework for MAWG and IWG Sustainability Roadmaps

This report was written in 2015 to support the sustainability of PHAMA-established Market Access Working Groups (MAWG) and Industry Working Groups (IWG) in the five Pacific Island Countries where they operate, beyond the life of the PHAMA program which is currently scheduled for mid 2017. It suggests a framework structure that MAWGs and IWGs can use to generate discussion around their group’s future, and to formulate their ‘sustainability roadmaps’. The framework covers themes for the groups to consider including: vision, legal structure, scope, potential government and donor recognition, administrative management and internal leadership. Each road map should identify actions to be taken in the next 3, 6-12, and 12-24 months, and should outline early on the scope of the group and justify the need for its continuation.

Key words: Sustainability roadmaps, Market Access Working Group MAWG, Industry Working Group, IWG, governance, legal framework

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