Industry Working Group Sustainability, Solomon Islands

This (2015) report presents models for future operation of five SI Industry Working Groups –coconut, cocoa, horticulture, timber and tuna – for their sustainability post-PHAMA (mid-2017). It draws on workshops with IWGs and background papers. In examining each IWG’s ‘strategic imperative’, the report recommends that IWGs can remain relevant and sustainable post-PHAMA by broadening their scope (advisory, consultation and representational) to include planning, and addressing supply and finance barriers. IWGs require financial and technical resourcing for a secretariat which could establish institutional structures, funding mechanisms and resolve IWG legal status and relationships. To complete ‘roadmaps’ to the end of the program, IWGs need to define and articulate their purpose to government and industry through stronger engagement, and undertake capacity building activities for the Export Industry Development Officer, IWG members, and public sector. Three IWGs will receive funding from the Rural Development Program, and timber and tuna funding arrangements need to be secured/finalised.

Key words: Industry Working Group, IWG, seafood, coconut, cocoa, horticulture, timber, tuna, Rural Development Program

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