Industry Working Group Sustainability Vanuatu

Funding support for the three Industry Working Groups (IWGs) established in Vanuatu will end with the conclusion of the Pacific Horticulture and Agriculture Market Access (PHAMA) program in mid-2017. The three industries involved in the IWGs are Cocoa, Kava, and Livestock. The IWGs have played an effective role in allowing government and industry to come together to develop advice, allow consultation and provide industry representation. Because of the valuable role these groups can play in facilitating the development of the industries they represent, the PHAMA program is working with the IWGs to develop arrangements that will support their ongoing operation after the conclusion of the PHAMA program. The activity described in this report has involved examining options to support the continued function of the IWGs post-PHAMA and working with the IWGs to identify preferred options for their operation.

Key words: Industry working group, IWG, Cocoa, Kava, Livestock

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