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Export Issues for Samoan Taro to Australia and New Zealand

26 May 2011

Samoa has made significant and commendable achievements in re-establishing the security of their domestic taro industry following its devastation by Taro leaf blight in 1993. Domestic production is now at the point where export markets could be pursued in an attempt to regain a considerable share...

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Investigation of Diagnostic Requirements to Service Various Value-Added Industries

23 May 2011

Preliminary market access priorities were identified by the Vanuatu Market Access Working Group in February 2011 and included in the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program (PHAMA) 3-Month Strategic Plan for April to June 2011. This report covers one of the two priorities inc...

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Report on Giant African Snail in Solomon Islands

19 May 2011

Since first being detected in 2006, Giant African Snail (GAS) has spread widely in and around Honiara and to several areas on Guadalcanal. To date GAS has only been identified in two provincial areas: eradication appears to have been achieved at Noro while the response is in its early stages at M...

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