Potential for Cutflower and Foliage Exports to Australia

While flowers have been utilised for centuries in Solomon Islands, commercial floriculture is relatively new. Today over 50 floriculture producers market through the Honiara Central Market on a regular basis, with around 500 households involved in the regular production of flowers for commercial purposes. Honiara has around 30 part-time florists, although there is just one full-time florist.

Commercial trade in indigenous orchids from some of the more distant provinces into Honiara is beginning. There are currently no exports. Floriculture in Solomon Islands is ideal for small scale production because it requires little capital, land is not an issue, most Solomon Islanders have some production knowledge, and there is a widespread appreciation for flowers throughout the country.

Key words: floriculture, foliage, cut flowers, orchids, tropical cut flowers, value chain, Vanda and Spider orchids, Crotons, Cordylines

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