Samoan Taro Export Development Workshop Outcomes

SAMOA3.1 (see PHAMA Technical Report 14). These workshops, which involved farmers, exporters,
key government staff and staff from various other Samoan agencies, were designed to:

  • Explain the key findings of Activity SAMOA3.1;
  • Build consensus of what needs to be done to build sufficient export volume to enter the New
    Zealand market;
  • Outline quality and volume issues on the supply side with a view to ensuring demand-side aspects
    of the value chain are understood;
  • Act as a catalyst for discussion on the development of an overall industry and export development
    strategy, including specific areas of responsibility;
  • Challenge the current focus on taro and encourage consideration of other product options; and
  • Meet with and brief Ministers and senior officials

Key words: Samoa Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), taro, taro corms, rejection rate, frozen taro

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