Scoping Study to Assess the Potential for Increased Primary Sector Exports from Solomon Islands to Nearby PICs

There have been sporadic and unregulated exports of vegetables and processed food products from Solomon Islands to nearby Pacific Island Countries (PICs) (Kiribati, Nauru and the Marshall Islands) in recent years. Anecdotal evidence suggests that demand is strong, and there is substantial interest from the private sector in developing the trade. The establishment of increased regional trade within PICs would substantially reduce dependence on imports from more distant countries and would contribute to local economic development. Historically, the availability of freight space has been a key limiting factor.

The objective of this study, conducted in April 2012, was to assess the potential for increased primary sector exports from Solomon Islands to nearby PICs, including Kiribati, Nauru, and possibly the Marshall Islands.

Key words: production volumes, pricing, seasonal supply characteristics, industry organisation, export infrastructure requirements, packaging requirements, air freight, sea freight, prices, volumes, variety preferences, quality requirements, seasonal windows, and distribution channels, market demand, product demand, regulatory import requirements

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