Tonga Gender Analysis

This report investigates the gender aspects of value chains in Tongatapu – particularly in agriculture and handicrafts. The report identifies there is potential to expand women’s economic potential in handicrafts production and agriculture. The main systemic constraints for women to move from subsistence farming into growing crops for export are access to land and access to finance. Social constraints also exist as women and men’s roles in farming are demarcated by socially acceptable types of work tasks. The report provides 21 recommendations to improve women’s economic empowerment in cropping and handicrafts, along themes of: program governance/institutional; loan/grant schemes; budget allocation; gender expertise and training; further research; monitoring and evaluation; support for country-led initiatives; and program design and risk management.

Key words: gender, gender analysis, gender approach, handicrafts, handicraft export, women’s economic empowerment, gender discrimination, subsistence cropping.

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