Agriculture in Kiribati faces significant challenges due to the country's unique geographic and environmental characteristics. Kiribati is a Pacific Island nation consisting of 33 atolls and reef islands dispersed over a vast area of the central Pacific Ocean.

The challenges of agriculture in Kiribati include limited arable land, saltwater intrusion, freshwater scarcity, and vulnerability to the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels. However, there are some export possibilities in specific sectors like fisheries, copra and coconut products, seafood products and handicraft.

In Kiribati, PHAMA Plus works with public and private sectors partners to strengthen national capacity in relation to biosecurity and market access. Through this support, Kiribati exporters are assisted to maintain existing market access and diversify export market destinations for their products.

Regional trade facilitation and diversification

Trade is an important factor in improving economic integration across the Pacific, strengthening food security, and fostering greater bonds through people-to-people links and information sharing. PHAMA Plus is supporting bilateral negotiations and trial consignments between Kiribati and Solomon Islands to facilitate greater trade of fresh and frozen agricultural products. Opportunities are al ...Read More

Biosecurity awareness and response

In partnership with SPC, PHAMA Plus has been supporting preparedness for emergency response to pest and disease outbreaks that are currently affecting the region and threaten food security. These include African Swine Fever (ASF) and Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB). Training awareness was carried out on Tarawa and two outer islands – Butaritari and Abaiang. Read More

Certification and quality standards

PHAMA Plus’ support for Pacific export businesses to improve food safety systems and obtain certification is aligned with the program’s priorities to support firms to meet export requirements. Several workshops were held on food safety standards and accreditation for processors, food vendors, exporters in Kiribati. Interested businesses are to gain Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points c ...Read More

Import replacement and food security

Initial support was provided to MTCIC in December 2022 for the inauguration of a virgin coconut oil (VCO) facility in Tabiteuea South to support value addition of VCO and coconut products. Further scoping and community engagement is being conducted on Butaritari in 2023, in collaboration with the MTCIC. Read More

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