Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) very own chocolate company, Queen Emma Chocolate from Paradise Foods Limited, has been able to cut costs for local cocoa farmers and develop new cocoa products through a partnership with PHAMA Plus. LEARN MORE

Cocoa is the third most important crop in terms of its economic importance to PNG as it provides direct economic benefit to over 150,000 households who depend on cocoa as a main cash crop. It significantly impacts rural livelihoods and involves both men and women equally on the production side, but men tend to benefit more from the sales of cocoa.

PHAMA Plus’ previous work in the PNG cocoa sector has demonstrated that it is feasible to promote high quality exports to boutique and specialty markets.

PHAMA Plus’ work on PNG cocoa is focused on improving export markets through support for quality improvements and linkages to specialty (premium) markets. PHAMA Plus supports a range of activities to increase cocoa export volumes and prices.

PHAMA Plus supported the creation of the Cocoa Industry Working Group (IWG) to identify industry priorities and coordinate development. PHAMA Plus then supported a range of IWG priorities including: (i) a cocoa market study which identified demand and supply side barriers to enter the specialty cocoa market; (ii) a sensory panel to assist with the flavour profiling of various cocoa varieties; (iii)cocoa dryer trials in partnership with the Cocoa and Coconut Institute; (iv) supporting a trade visit by four specialty chocolatiers from the UK, Belgium, France and USA; and (v) organising the inaugural cocoa show in May 2017.

PHAMA Plus continues to build on these efforts using a market systems development (MSD) approach.

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