PHAMA Plus supported the development of Samoa’s ‘Ava Standard to provide guidance on minimum requirements for ‘ava quality, to all participants of the ‘ava value chain, including consumers. It stipulates guidelines for health and safety measures, including information on approved cultivars. LEARN MORE

In the Samoan culture and traditions, ‘ava (kava in Samoan) plays an important role in ceremonies and way of life or the fa’asamoa. Conducted to mark important milestones, the ‘ava ceremony is one of Samoa’s most important chiefly customs and is a very formal tradition. 

From an economic perspective, the ‘ava is also an important agricultural commodity for the people of Samoa and the Pacific Island Countries. 
Domesticated for around 3000 years, the ‘Ava is being traded within and outside of the region in significant quantities and value.

The ‘ava (Piper methysticum) is a native species of the south-western Pacific where it is consumed by Pacific Island Countries for centuries. The traditional 
preparation of ‘ava involves the extraction of ‘ava roots and/ or rhizome with cold water and consumed fresh, which is facilitated through this standard.

Kava has been identified as an emerging sector by Samoa.  Further review of potential support in this area will be based on further discussions and coordination with Australia’s Market Development Facility (MDF) and with the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa, Ministry of Industry and Labor (contact point for Codex), kava growers and exporters.


For more information, please reach out to PHAMA Plus Country Manager Samoa – Kuinimeri Finau on k.finau@phamaplus.com.au 

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