Solomon Islands

Agriculture is an important sector for the Solomon Islands national economy. It provides for and sustains 85% of the rural population with food crops, cash crops and livestock for their daily livelihoods, food and social security.

Through Australia and New Zealand support, PHAMA Plus has been working in Solomon Islands since 2011 to improve market access for the country’s key export industries such as cocoa, timber, seafood, coconut and handicraft, and to promote industry coordination through the establishment of industry working groups.

The Program is now supporting the tree crops (cocoa and coconuts) and sawn timber sectors to increase the quantity and quality exports in ways that benefit farming households, producers, exporters and importers.


Tree Crops

The tree crops sector encompasses a large proportion of agricultural production and trade in the Solomon Islands and is central to many livelihoods and rural economies. Cocoa and coconut are two of the largest agricultural exports for Solomon Islands and an important component of most rural livelihoods in the country. These commodities collectively represent a large proportion of export trade ...Read More


The Forestry sector is a major economic driver for Solomon Islands economy. The export of round logs generated AUD 390 million in 2018, accounting for around 70 percent of total export revenue. However, this level of harvest is unsustainable, and Solomon Islands Government policy is to reduce harvesting to a sustainable level, whilst maintaining export revenues by diversifying the range of tim ... Read More

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