Solomon Islands

Agriculture is an important sector for the Solomon Islands national economy. It provides for and sustains 85% of the rural population with food crops, cash crops and livestock for their daily livelihoods, food and social security.

The PHAMA Program was launched in Solomon Islands in 2011 with a focus to improve market access for the country’s key export industries and promote industry coordination through industry working groups or IWGs.

A third phase was launched in November 2018 now known as PHAMA Plus which will run through to June 2022. 

Priority areas identified for PHAMA Plus’ support in Solomon Islands are tree crops, specifically coconuts, cocoa and ngali nuts, and timber.



The Industry and its significance Forestry is Solomon Islands (SI) largest export industry, accounting for around SBD2.2 billion (AUD 360 million) of exports and 20% of national government revenues. The vast majority of exports are round logs to Asian markets. Revenues from log exports will decline in the long term as the resource is depleted. PHAMA’s support focuses on a much smaller, sub-s...Read More

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