Agriculture in Tuvalu, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, is primarily subsistence-based, with a focus on providing food for the local population. Agricultural export opportunities in Tuvalu are limited due to the country's small land area, geographical constraints, and challenges related to freshwater scarcity and climate change. However, there are some potential agricultural export opportunities that Tuvalu could explore in coconut products, fresh produce and processed seafood.

Tuvalu ratified PACER Plus on 31 January, 2022 and forged closer engagement with PHAMA Plus for possible support for trade facilitation and economic diversification.

PHAMA Plus is working with Tuvalu stakeholders to identify priorities for support within the PACER Plus framework. The approach will build on the experiences and learnings from engagement with the existing PACER Plus countries, i.e., Kiribati, Niue and Cook Islands. In addition, and draw on the experience of prior phases of PHAMA in building capacity and facilitating island countries to access export markets for a range of agricultural commodities.


PHAMA Plus aims to engage with businesses and the public sector to maintain and improve trade of agricultural products by assisting them to meet export market requirements. An intervention plan will be developed for Tuvalu after sector constraints have been identified after a scoping assignment. To maximise impact, the program will work with key actors in the market system to generate benefit ...Read More

Forward priorities and cost

An indicative activity budget in the order of AUD75,000 per year, AUD300,000 over the course of the new 4-year phase of PHAMA Plus is proposed. Existing program resources would cover management overheads and permanent staff (currently 1.5 FTE based in Fiji). The proposed funding would enable us to scope interventions and pursue investment with the suitable market actors. One of the activities ... Read More

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