Vanuatu has an agriculture-dominant economy with copra, cocoa and kava dominating the economic sector.

The export of traditional commodities and high value commodities has great potential in premium niche markets however the volume of production must be increased for this to happen.

PHAMA Plus was launched in November 2018 and will continue through to June 2022. Priority areas identified for PHAMA Plus’ support in Vanuatu are cocoa and kava.


The Industry and its significance Cocoa is one of Vanuatu’s main exports, with more than 1,500 tons exported annually. It is an important cash crop: 25% of rural households in Vanuatu are involved in cocoa production. Most cocoa is produced by smallholder farmers based in the northern islands of Vanuatu and then exported by three licensed exporters. The annual export value is above VUV454 milli...Read More


The Industry and its significance   Kava is the third largest export commodity in Vanuatu, generating an estimated VUV807 million (AUD 10 million) in annual export earnings, and providing income to over 30,000 households across many of the country’s islands. Livelihood income is generated from kava through direct export of kava chips, local sale in “nakamals” (kava bars), value added products, ...Read More

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