Event highlights outstanding quality of Samoa’s export commodities

PHAMA---newsAn array of Samoa’s potential export commodities was proudly showcased under one roof during the recent Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters (SAME) event, ‘Buy Samoa Made’, held in Sydney.

About forty of Samoa’s potential exporters gathered for the trade show along with industry and government officials from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. This was followed by the launch of a permanent ‘Buy Samoa Made’ Exhibition Centre at the Samoa Consular Office in Sydney.

Exotic value-added products were presented during the two-day trade exhibition. The delicious taro display, organised by the PHAMA-supported participating team, attracted considerable interest.

According to PHAMA’s Samoa National Market Access Coordinator, Kirifi Pouono, the taro display enabled visitors to try frozen Samoa taro after cooking.

 “We were able to relay the quality of Samoa’s taro and portray the success of our team in gaining frozen taro access into Australia. This has been met with strong acceptance among Samoans and others at the event,” said Mr Pouono.


“PHAMA, through the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS), put considerable effort into the sensory and export research needed to tap into Australia’s export pathway. PHAMA also assisted Samoa’s taro exporters to design and produce packaging.”

The trade show and launch are part of a campaign by Samoa’s Government and SAME to boost Samoa’s exports to Australia. This follows the resounding success of a similar campaign in New Zealand which has increased Samoa’s exports to NZ two-fold. Both seek the support of Samoans in New Zealand and Australia as ambassadors of Samoa-made products.

1.    Samoa’s Deputy Prime Minister and Acting High Commissioner tastes cooked taro.
2.    Samoa’s frozen taro packaging and branding.
3.    The display unit for Samoa-made products at the Samoa Consulate Office, Sydney.

For more information contact:
Asuao Kirifi Pouono
Email: k.pouono@phamaplus.com.au


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