Solar drying revolution: Vanuatu cacao, kava farmers explore solar drying technology

10 Feb 2022

Solar drying is becoming a popular method for agricultural producers globally to improve efficiency and product quality. For farmers and exporters in Vanuatu, adopting this innovative technology ca...Read More

Kapo’s determination: Building resilience to African Swine Fever

04 Feb 2022

When African Swine Fever (ASF) arrived in Papua New Guinea in March 2020, Dr Nime Kapo was tasked to provide technical advice to the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer in NAQIA. As a well-qual...Read More

Workshop explores organic certification for Pacific farmers, associations

10 Dec 2021

Organic farmers and producers of agricultural products in the Cook Islands, Kiribati and Niue met virtually on Friday 3 December 2021, to raise awareness and improve understanding on the princi...Read More

High value mission: Promoting PNG coconut oil to the world

10 Dec 2021

High value coconut products – including virgin coconut oil and its derivatives – are a growing segment in Papua New Guinea’s coconut sector. With only 16 producers in the country, the output remain...Read More

Partnership a trade boost for the Cook Islands

01 Dec 2021

The Cook Islands has entered into a new agreement with the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Plus Program (PHAMA Plus) for technical support under the Pacific Agreement on Cl...Read More

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