Samoa breadfruit protocol

SamoaBreadfruitSamoa can already export commercial consignments of breadfruit to New Zealand, provided it has been treated through the High Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) chamber to kill fruit fly larvae. An additional export pathway was also previously approved for traditionally cooked personal consignments of breadfruit. However, this pathway was closed due to detection of live pests by NZ quarantine. 

Against this background, Samoa asked PHAMA to help develop an alternative heat treatment protocol covering personal consignments of breadfruit into NZ.

First-up, discussions were held with Farmer Joe’s Bakery, which operates modern commercial ovens in Apia, and it was decided that this facility would provide a good option for centralised treatment of personal consignments. In November last year, PHAMA supported commercial cooking trials carried out at Farmer Joe’s, designed to determine the cooking times and temperatures required to guarantee effective treatment. 

PHAMA then worked with Samoa Quarantine to define post-cooking handling procedures so that cooked product is not re-infested. A draft import protocol is currently being finalised for consideration by NZ MAF, with the aim of having this pathway open as soon as possible. Biosecurity Australia has indicated that it may also be open to adopting a similar protocol for imports into Australia. Not quite there yet, but watch this space!

Once the protocol is established for personal consignments, development of a revised protocol for commercial consignments may also be considered.

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