SPC, PHAMA Plus sign ASF agreement

Recognizing the threat posed by African Swine Fever (ASF), the Pacific Community (SPC) has partnered with the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA Plus) Program to support animal health preparedness and response, specifically against ASF.

Prioritizing technical and communications support, the partnership agreement between SPC and PHAMA Plus focuses on:

  1. Engaging a short-term animal health and production specialist and technician.
  2. Developing appropriate communications and awareness materials that are gender, disability and social inclusion- or GEDSI-responsive.
  3. Sourcing and distribution of field diagnostics on countries for ASF and other animal diseases
  4. Assessment of risk pathways for ASF (other animal diseases) etc.


Other key related activities we will be focusing over the next few months include:

  • Revitalizing the Pacific Heads of Veterinary and Animal Production Services (PHOVAPS) network to support ongoing consultation on country priorities and communication/networking and information sharing on lessons across the region
  • Development of regional roadmap on AHP

Work outlined as part of the partnership includes identifying strategies that will support ongoing consultation, information sharing and networking; developing priorities relating to SPC’s Animal Health and Production (AHP) area; and developing communications and awareness materials that support, raise awareness of, and mobilize resources for animal health issues while ensuring women, men and youth have access to appropriate information.

On ASF at national level with the relevant Animal health experts and Heads of Biosecurity, the urgency is to look at all import risk pathways related to ASF and ensure biosecurity interventions (prohibitions/ restrictions) are put in place at pre-border and border for all ASF countries and ongoing biosecurity shop surveillance and animal disease surveillance in country as part of post-border activities together with simulation exercises on animal health disease response plans.

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