Commercial Kava Imports into Australia (as at 30 June, 2022)

Kava makes a significant contribution to rural livelihoods in a number of Pacific Island producing countries. It is an important cash crop and a significant source of income and employment for rural households and those involved in its harvesting, processing and sale. It has important cultural and social dimensions, including in Australia and New Zealand, and is used internationally for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Since the launch of Australia’s Commercial Kava Pilot Phase 2 on December 1 2021, allowing for the commercial importation of kava into Australia as a food, PHAMA Plus in collaboration with Pacific Trade Invest Australia and HACCP Australia have been conducting follow up webinars for Pacific kava stakeholders to better understand the requirements for exporting kava to Australia under the Pilot.

View/Download: Kava Infographic Poster

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