Development of a ginger product to add value to the Fiji ginger industry

Fiji exports significant volumes of crystallised ginger made from young ginger, as well as much lower values of fresh, mature ginger. This study investigates potential value-added products using mature ginger that is below export grade and currently wasted (up to 60% of mature ginger that comes to processing facilities). Market research was conducted to see what ginger products are currently available, as well as economic analysis of four potential new ginger products: ginger wine; ginger oil; dried ginger; and crushed ginger paste. Ginger wine, ginger oil, and dried ginger could be economically viable and are worth investigating further. Dried ginger is simple to process, whereas ginger wine and ginger oil both require higher degrees of ongoing technical knowledge, but have the potential to bring high returns. However, crushed ginger paste is likely to be the most profitable and there are a number of ginger paste products already on the market. Further research should focus on improving the shelf life of ginger paste.

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