Evaluation of Trial Shipments of Cut Flowers and Foliage to Australia

A scoping study was undertaken by PHAMA in late 2011 to assess the potential for developing cut flower and foliage exports to Australia (PHAMA Activity SOLS04; Technical Report 16). This study, which reviewed supply conditions in Solomon Islands as well as market conditions in Australia, concluded that there was sufficient potential, particularly for selected orchid varieties (Vandas and Spiders) and various forms of foliage (especially Crotons), to warrant further support for trial shipments to test the viability of the export pathway under commercial conditions, and to begin to develop the skills and confidence required for Solomon Islands producers and exporters to initiate a regular trade. This support was provided under Activity SOLS08, the results of which are documented in this report.

Key words: Vanda orchids, Spider orchids, Croton foliage, field heat reduction, cool storage, packaging,  packing and handling techniques, transport, marketing

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