Cocoa and Coconut in the Solomon Islands: A Family Affair

This study looks at gender inequalities and women’s economic empowerment in the cocoa and coconut industries in Solomon Islands. Understanding gender relations makes it possible to identify gender-based challenges and opportunities for cocoa and coconut value chain development. Through increased public and private recognition, these challenges and opportunities can become entry-points for programs, projects, and initiatives to help improve the participation and outcomes for women involved in these value chains. This study reveals the active role of women in cocoa and coconut production, processing and trading, in addition to their household tasks. It shows that women, despite their contributions, benefit only marginally from their involvement in these economic activities. The study identifies seven priority interventions that could address gender inequalities and women’s economic empowerment in these value chains, including: sharing and discussing findings; recognising the role of women as economic actors; building the capacity of relevant institutions; recruiting women into strategic positions; engaging the private sector; and influencing market differentiation and diversification.

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