Market survey for selected seafood products to Australia and New Zealand

This market survey report presents opportunities for exporting selected seafood products to Australia and New Zealand. It finds that there is potential to export, or increase exports to Australia of canned tuna, rock lobster (frozen tails), marine finfish and whole prawns. For prawns, a market submission needs to demonstrate PNG’s freedom from serious viral diseases of crustacea. In New Zealand, there is export potential for live mud crabs, marine finfish including B-grade tuna, and canned tuna. Market access would be aided by collaboration between PNG and Australian / New Zealand industry authorities, through e.g. a Memorandum of Understanding. Exporters need assistance to develop their quality assurance systems, virus-testing capacity (for prawns), attaining sustainability certification (Marine Stewardship Council MSC), and in arranging trial shipments for, and marketing of, selected seafood products. Sustainability certification is particularly important for Australian and New Zealand consumers of canned tuna and prawns.

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