TR130 Vanuatu Kava Value Chain, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Analysis

Vanuatu is the leading kava exporter in both volume and value terms, and exports have long been considered an important part of the kava industry. Almost 18,000 households currently grow kava with total production capacity in the range of 32,000 – 35,000 tonnes fresh weight. 

Over the past few years, PHAMA has played a significant role in supporting Vanuatu’s kava industry by developing quality standards and raising awareness about their importance as well as supporting the establishment of the Kava Industry Working Group, now known as the Vanuatu Kava Industry Association.

This analysis, funded by PHAMA, seeks to describe the kava value chain in Vanuatu and analyse gender equity and social inclusion (GESI), economic, and key issues for the kava industry.

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