Activity Coordinator – Kiribati

The Activity Coordinator – Kiribati plays a key role in facilitating and coordinating PHAMA Plus activities in Kiribati. Working closely with the PHAMA Plus Program Manager – Small Island States and Government of Kiribati representatives, the Activity Coordinator will assist stakeholders (public and private) in Kiribati with the effective delivery of agreed activities, providing in-country support as applicable. The position will provide a maximum of 90 days of inputs from February 2024 to June 2025. It is expected that inputs might be front loaded during activity start-up. Inputs will be agreed, based on a workplan that will be developed at the start of the engagement.

PHAMA Plus continues to engage with the Government of Kiribati and private sector through partnerships to strengthen participation in regional trade opportunities, trade and market access (domestic, regional, international) capacity building on biosecurity, quality standards and food security.


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