Short Term Consultant – Systems-Level GEDSI Research – Samoa

We are seeking applications from suitably qualified people for a short-term consultant to conduct systems-level GEDSI research in Samoa.

PHAMA Plus is commissioning research in four core commodity sectors (taro, kava, Nonu and ornamental horticulture) to better understand the reasons why some groups are excluded from the market systems that the program is supporting, and to identify the barriers and opportunities for their full and beneficial inclusion in these systems.

The research seeks to explore the relationship between gender, age, disability and different social identities and how this can impact the way individual actors can interact with the market system. PHAMA Plus recognizes that the identity of an individual has many layers, each of which can be associated with positive and negative status and can impact on their role and responsibilities and the socio-cultural and institutional rules that govern these. The research will seek, where possible, to explore the impacts of this intersectionality on inclusive participation in the market system.

PROPOSAL_Value Chain GEDSI Analysis Samoa FINAL (05July23).docx


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