Plant Extracts

The plant extracts sector comprises secondary products that are derived from botanical source materials (roots, nuts, flowers, and fruits) through a physical or chemical extraction process (extrusion, distillation, solvent etc.).  The sector includes extracts that are typically formulated into health and wellness products, cosmetics, food ingredients, botanical drug pathways, pharmaceuticals or as pure extracts e.g., Dilo oil.  They are higher-value and lower-volume products compared to other horticultural and agricultural commodity crops.

The extracts sector aims to support onshore value creation in Fiji.  Not exporting botanical products in a bulk, lower-value raw/dried state but considering how they can be used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.  An extracts sector is expected to draw on both wild and cultivated plans, presenting direct opportunities for income creation.

The extracts sector is a new sector for PHAMA Plus and for Fiji.  More work is required to quantify the opportunity and identify niche products where international demand, supply and pricing create a verifiable value proposition within the sector. 

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